Generating a Payment Receipt



Generate a receipt for account subscription payments


The following steps describe how to generate a payment receipt:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click My Account at the very top right of your account.
  3. Click My Billing Information.
  4. Click the Purchase Receipts button. From the list, select the month you need a receipt.
  5. Click Print Receipt to print the generated receipt.


Problems printing a payment receipt

Check the following items, when problems occur in printing a receipt:

  1. If the account does not display a Generate Receipt tab, you may be logged in using either a free Lite account or a promotional trial account type. Please make sure to login using your paid account to generate a receipt.
  2. Be sure to disable any popup blockers or configure your web browser to allow popups from; otherwise, the popup receipt window may not display.
  3. The drop-down menu only displays the months that you have subscribed to a current account type. If you change your account type, the receipts associated with the prior account type will not be displayed. For example, if you upgraded to a Pro account in January, in June you would be able to print receipts for the previous six months. However, if you later upgrade to Teams, you will no longer be able to access receipts for your Pro account.
  4. There is a maximum limit of 12 previous receipts displayed.
  5. Receipts are not available for Pay-Per-Use transactions.
  6. Recent payments may take up to 24 hours to become available in the drop-down list.


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