How do I cancel my paid account or free trial?


Thank you for using Hightail, we're sorry to lose you :smileysad:


Hopefully you had a chance to really give us a good test drive, have installed our Desktop Sync app and mobile apps if you have a smart phone.  If you haven't, I'd really suggest checking it out before you continue.  Hightail is the best way for professionals to manage their online content and securely access it anywhere.


All cancellations for your account must be done online. 

(If you signed up through the iPhone/iPad app, please refer to Apple's article on Purchasing and managing auto-renewing subscriptions.)


If you'd like to cancel your account please follow these steps:


  1. While logged in, click on My Account->Subscription Plan and then click Downgrade or cancel subscription, or just click this link.  If you don't remember your password to login please visit our homepage and click the login link at the top right.  From there click on the Forgot Password link to have your password reset.  If your account is showing a free lite account but you are still being billed please see the note at the bottom of this article.




2.  Follow the online cancellation flow


Once you've finished, your account will be downgraded to our free Lite service, and you'll receive an email confirming the removal of your paid plan.


Confirmation of Cancel.png



 With the free Lite account you can still send single files up to 250MB and store up to 2GB in the cloud.  It's free forever!


Please Note:  If your account shows a free Lite account but you are still being billed then this would indicate you have a 2nd account with us. Please try logging in under any other email addresses you frequently use to locate your paid account.  Many of our users mistakingly setup accounts under other work or personal email accounts thus creating many different accounts with us.  Please login using any emails you might have used to sign up and make sure they are all cancelled. 






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