Why do I have to update my YouSendIt Desktop Application?

by Employee ErikaTYSI on ‎08-14-2013 01:33 PM

We recently turned on our mandatory auto-update for all versions earlier than 1.8. Some of these versions are pre-General Release, and some are just old. We want you to be able to use all our new features and get your work done using YouSendIt.


In even bigger news, we recently changed our name to Hightail (maybe you've noticed?) You may want to go to our website at to download our latest version, which is 2.4, and is all Hightail all the time. 


Happy Hightailing!

by thegreenman on ‎08-16-2013 08:00 AM



desktop app for Mac spins and spins spins and nothing happens

You anounced an update Aug 1 then moved to Aug 5 on your entreperise blog Aug 16..still waiting

desktop for Mac is a disaster and looks 10 years old compared to your competitors

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