Customer Spotlight – Steve Borlik, Young and Borlik Architects Inc.

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Young and Borlik Architects is a full service architectural firm. They specialize in custom residential projects. They will help you from concept all the way to construction completion. Steve Borlik, Co-Founder and President, stated, “We are primarily Architects of Custom Single-Family Residential, working directly for the owners in projects as small as bathrooms, kitchens and back yard BBQ’s, through multiple building estate complexes, with pools, tennis courts, basements, guest houses and theaters. Some architects will just work on the production and spec side of the process, we work with our clients from concept to construction. We’ve been practicing on the Peninsula for more than 20 years (since 1988) in Palo Alto with our staff of 11.”


Pains in transferring files


Of course with the nature of this business they share large amounts of documents and documents that are large in size. Steve stated, “We used a file sharing program for a long time.  Their site got unreasonably cumbersome in terms of advertising, unwanted links, and unidentifiable downloads, etc.  It got to the point where a recipient could not tell which button they were expected to click on.  We adapted by learning how to send something to ourselves first, then strip the file link out, thus removing their advertising.  This got to be cumbersome; later the service changed their product flow to make our work around impossible.  It was unprofessional looking and confusing for our customers. We got a lot of complaints about the service.  The switch to Hightail was painless and timely.  The interface is nice and clean.”


How they use Hightail


“We use it primarily to share CAD and PDF files that are too large for email.  Mostly, they are drawings, bid document sets, and sub-consultant sheet files.  The link expiration timing is helpful to us so that we have some control over people not using outdated materials. We typically invite clients, contractors or consultants to download a file or series of files at various points in a design and construction project.” With the introduction of our new collaboration features Steve and team are looking for ways to now streamline their design and development process by using e-signature, folder sharing, and file hosting.


Learn more about the company at www.ybarchitects.com


Young Borlick AEC



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