Update on the release of new Hightail apps and additional upcoming improvements

by Community Manager on ‎07-30-2013 12:57 PM

We are updating the release date of our new Hightail-branded desktop applications to August 5th. Correspondingly, the auto-update is now scheduled for August 26th. Remember, as an admin you have the option of disabling auto-updates for your users.


I also would like to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of new features that we will be rolling out in the next several weeks. First, we are updating the recipient web pages to include a preview of the files available for download. This page has received positive reviews from our test group and we do not anticipate any issues or questions from your users or clients. Next, we will be introducing an all new reporting dashboard on the administrative interface. This dashboard will provide a graphical snapshot of user activity and usage patterns.


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