Using Microsoft Active Directory to Manage Your Hightail for Business Account

The Hightail Directory Services Connector (DSC) allows IT administrators to use Microsoft Active Directory to control user access to Hightail services, making it easier to manage a large number of users. This document explains how to set up and install Directory Services Connector, manage users, and troubleshoot the system.


Directory Services Connector provides the following features that support your users' access to Hightail capabilities:


  • Easily manage large groups of Hightail users through Active Directory, both within and outside of the firewall


  • Smooth integration with existing Hightail software such as Express and the Outlook plug-in, giving users single sign-on capability for both applications


  • Add new users and users with existing individual Hightail accounts to your Corporate Suite account


  • Secure communication between the client, DSC, and Hightail through the use of SSL and HTTPS, requiring minimal to no firewall modifications


  • High availability through installation on redundant servers


If you do not have DSC as part of you Hightail Account, and would like to look more into this feature as well as other ways to tie in your Microsoft systems, Account Administrators can discuss these features with their Account Sales Representative.


If you have DSC on your account and want more information about setting it up, log into your Admin account at and choose Admin > Help > DSC Deployment Guide.


Download PDF


Download the complete DSC Guide for step-by-step instructions.

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