New Idea

Please restore file expirations options to include a fixed number of downloads. This helps us to protect alternative text books from being downloaded repeatedly and thus protect copyright law.


SYNC Folder

by whisen82 on ‎08-12-2014 04:20 PM

I need the ability to change the sync folder to a drive other than the OS drive. I have an SSD and don't want to clog it up with non essiential files. 


Don't like new automatic return receipt

by HeyManPro on ‎08-01-2014 02:22 PM

We have been using Hightail (a.k.a You Send it) for years.  Suddenly today, I get a return receipt on every download.  I don't want a return receipt on every download.  If i want one I would click it.  Now it's automatically clicked on.

It's a nice option, but shouldn't be forced on us.  Please remove the automatic function or give us the option to change the default.  


I've posted in response to others who have mentioned this issue, but I just wanted to lay out my case more thoroughly, so here goes:


I respect that you want to grow your business in a way you think is necessary, promising, and exciting. My sense is that you’re trying to become the ultimate platform for collaboration, and that you're envisioning HIghtail as a hybrid of Dropbox (for storage), YouSendIt (for file transfer), and... maybe Facebook (for community)?  And if you can pull that off, great! BUT...

Personally, I don’t really need any of that (I might end up liking it, but I don’t need it). What I need from Hightail is the same elegant, flexible, dead simple file transfer service that I had in YouSendIt. You guys are still the only reasonably priced service that allows for 1) linking clients to large files, 2) tracking whether or not they’ve downloaded those files, and 3) setting those files to “never expire.” Other services offer some of those features, but I haven’t found any reasonably priced service that offers all of them.

And unfortunately, two changes to your recipient download page have made me very reluctant to use your service in that way:

1. You’ve made the “save” button look like the default option. I realize that this is in keeping with your prioritization of collaboration over file transfer. But it’s fatal to my ability to use Hightail as a file transfer service, at least for NEW clients. As a songwriter, if I want to send a link with samples of my work to someone new, I simply can’t take the risk that in the five seconds they’re likely to spend checking out the recipient download page, they’ll hit "save" only to be confronted with a demand that they create a new Hightail account.

2. I often send existing clients multiple files that have long, descriptive file names in one email. On the new recipient download page, those long names are not visible in anything like their entirety. This is true regardless of whether or not the page is in list mode or "icon mode." Again, I want my recipient to have total clarity when he goes to the page. As a corollary to this‚ I'd love to be able to set the default to list mode.

Neither of these problems existed in YouSendIt. And good solutions do exist: In Dropbox’s recipient download page, the “download” button is very prominent, with the choice “Add to Dropbox” as another (very obviously secondary) option. Better yet, allow us to hide the "save" option completely. If that's not acceptable, at least make the option "Save To Hightail," so the recipient doesn't hit "save" expecting to "save" the file by downloading it to his desktop.


Likewise, I can’t imagine it would be that hard to change the layout and font sizes of the page so that the full file names are clearly visible.

So... I hope you’ll consider these suggestions. Without restoration of YouSendIt’s clarity and simplicity, it’s likely I’ll decide it’s not worth it for me to continue as a paying customer.


I would like request the new "Return Receipt" function be returned to the original format.  When I send files out, I used to get the subject line as the same subject that was send to my subcontractors.  I use the project name/location to track each project I send.  This was extremely useful to track each project download and confirm all subs have downloaded the files.  The software changed to just sending the "Return Receipt from Hightail" as a subject line, and not allowing me the ability to maintain order and ease of use.  Now I get the email address of who downloaded, BUT... NO PROJECT name!! 



by Kalle_G on ‎05-19-2014 04:40 AM

my customer gets a link DOWNLOAD FILES. they click (naturally) SAVE ALL. then they are stuck because they dont want to creat a profile. pls don't be so aggressive in marketing. you and i'll lose customers. after clicking the linking mail downloading should be easy and not require noticing that you should hit the icon to the left from the DESELCT ALL txt.

your kl/tti-tech. 


Currently, if you have to send multiple files that you already have uploaded in your library, you have to select each one individually and go back and forth clicking on the "select from hightail folders," select the item, then doing it over and over again. If you could just select a single folder to send and it would send all the files within that folder automatically that would speed up the process a great deal.


HIghtail Contacts

by T_B_D on ‎09-18-2014 08:07 AM

It would be great to have the ability to sync contacts from csv files.

Corporate customers have to transfer some really large files sometimes.  I know in my department, there are many people commonly transferring around large 10gig+ vmware images or database files.    Receiving such large files in a timely manner (i.e., the first time you try) is often problematic when files arrive corrupt for one reason or another.  
The trick my team has learned to do for very large files is to compress/split the file into smaller pieces before electronic transmission.  Then we have the sender use freeware quickpar to generate par2 parity files from the file pieces. ( Then the sender uploads both the file pieces AND the par2 files.    After download all those files, the receiver can quickly use the smallest par2 file and quickpar to confirm the files received are 100% correct.  Sometimes a file might come down looking correct, but when you try to decompress it complains of corrupt file; this happened to me recently with Hightail for example.    In the case when quickpar shows one or more files are incorrect, par2 files can be used to quickly and directly repair the incorrect files, so no more downloads are needed.    It's very effective.   However, it's asking the sender to do a couple steps they might be unfamiliar with. 
At our company we are urged to use Hightail for our file transfers.  Hightail express has a checkbox when sending files, an option to have hightail first compress the files before it uploads them.          That gave me an idea....why couldn't Hightail express have another checkbox like "Compress/Split/Parity", where it would automatically perform for the sender (1) the compress,  (2) split AND (3) par2 file generation and then upload them automatically?           Then on receipt, the file transfer software, if it sees par2 files in there, it could automatically do it's own checksum with the par2 file on the receiver's computer and tell the receiver whether the files are 100% correct.  If not correct, it could offer to repair any faulty ones immediately.       This could be achieved quite affordably by implementing the par2 specification.  As a quick prototype, someone could even just utilize a command line par2 implementation that may already be available for download.
A team member joked that I should ask for money for this idea.  But seriously, is this a good idea or not?

Show download stats for folders

by appnetcreative on ‎07-28-2014 03:19 PM

Just a simple one, it would be great if we could see how many times a file had been downloaded from within our folders. Similar to how you can see who downloaded your files when you send them.


Progress bar

by Prhill8 on ‎03-12-2014 05:35 PM

This is a very common requirement as clients ask WHEN. Always.


A progress of syncing bar is desperately needed for 'Desktop' if it is to be used and trusted for business use.

One NEEDS to know progress, particularly when uploading large files that take many hours and clients are waiting.


Plus it means one can rest overnight while a large file syncs if I have confirmed approximate progress.




Save files?!? Where??

by whtlk275 ‎08-06-2014 10:42 AM - edited ‎08-06-2014 10:43 AM

Why can I not download all the files a client sends me without clicking each one individually? I clicked "Save to Hightail" but who knows where that went, the Hightial folder is still empty. Everytime I have to use this service I dislike it more and more. I wish YouSendIt never went away. I will reccomend that all of our clients NEVER use Hightail in the future. 

We used to get detailed return receipts that listed the name of the file that was downloaded right on the subject of the email, making it considerably easier to find a receipt. Now the subject is generic and it has created a lot more work since we have to look at each receipt to determine what file was downloaded.


Would it be possible to return to the old behaviour please?


Thank you.


Bring Back JUST the Outlook plugin

by SportClips on ‎08-22-2014 07:10 AM

I am sorry but we have been using YouSendIt / Hightail for a long time and the newer versions are just absolutely horrendous!  We don't want any kind of folder synch option, we don't want it to AUTOMATICALLY decide it is supposed to AUTOMATICALLY save all incoming files and attachmenets in EVERY email, we especially DO NOT want it to then AUTOMATICALLY copy all of thes files to the synch folder and then AUTOMATICALLY synch this data to the Hightail folders.  With each new "update" to the Hightail Outook plug-in it gets to be crappier and crappier.


PLEASE BRING BACK JUST THE OUTLOOK PLUG-IN that allows JUST the Outlook functionalities and does none of the other options.  Keep all of ther other functions to a different application / utility.


Choose which drive to sync to

Status: Coming Soon
by mattock on ‎08-06-2013 03:33 PM

Hi, when I heard about unlimited storage I thought great finally, Ill uprade my free account and backup all my files, then I found out that I am forced to only sync to my C drive,  This is pretty crazy, most people like to keep their C drive as clean as posible, system and programs only.


Surley this is a simple option, I have this as standard with other cloud services, and can change as many times as I want.

I cant upgrade to a paid pro plan until this is an option,  hopefully will get added soon,  many thanks

Status: Coming Soon

A nice feature would be ...

by bobvento on ‎09-10-2014 10:00 AM

It would be a nice feature to know the size of file before the downloading process begins. Put the file size on the FRONT PAGE so we can prioritize our work.

I noticed when I send company files through Hightail, the receipient of those e-mails sees "HIGHTAIL" as the sender of the e-mail (under the "From" section of one's e-mail box), NOT my name or my company's name as the sender.  Many individuals outside of companies may be unfamiliar with the Hightail name and given the high possibility of computer viruses/hacking, etc., may choose to never open my e-mail because they have no idea I am actually the sender of the e-mail.  Prior to Hightail taking over You Send It, my name and/or my company's name always appeared as the sender in the "From" column of the receipient's e-mail box, but no more.  This NEEDS to be changed immediately in my view because paying for a service to deliver files will do me no good if the receipients are unaware I am actually the sender until such time as they may open the e-mail from, likely, an unknown source.  I have noticed in the past some of my e-mails were, indeed, never opened and now I have a better idea as to why this may have likely been.


Need invoice, Why didn't you automatically email it.

by Maryo on ‎06-26-2014 07:17 AM - last edited on ‎06-27-2014 04:49 PM by Community Manager

Why didn't you automatically email me my invoice on  a monthly basis.


Return Receipt Roll Back

by ed0521 on ‎05-21-2014 10:24 AM

Greetings All,


I would like to rally the users out there to request the new "Return Receipt" function be returned to the original format.  When I send files out, I used to get the subject line as the same subject that was send to my subcontractors.  I use the jobsite address to track each project I send.  This was extremely useful to track each project download and confirm all subs have downloaded the files.  Now the software is just sending the "Return Receipt from Hightail" as a subject line, and not allowing me the ability to maintain order and ease of use.  If we all band together, maybe we can get the developers to revert back to the way it was done prior to this change, and create an easier way to track our downloads by job name.


Thank you,



Moving Hightail folder to external disk

Status: Coming Soon
by Jperkinski on ‎09-02-2013 07:53 AM

Would it be possible to add the ability to let me move the Hightail folder to another hard disk than my main OS disk?

Status: Coming Soon

Save vs. download, and sending files larger than 2 GBs

Status: Delivered
by Hermon ‎12-29-2013 12:45 PM - edited ‎12-29-2013 12:48 PM

First, I want to save I absolutely agree with the post on the save vs. download issue.  i don't know how many of my clients have tried multiple times to get the file but are confused by the save option.  PLEASE change and Peter so eloquently put it (on 11/3/13).


Secondly, the only option to send files larger than 2GB is the very expensive and team option.  There is nothing in-between.  Please create a plan for sending files, say, in the 5GB range, and maybe one that doesn't need unlimited storage.  Not all of us who use this need to actually store it on-line.  Please consider a cheap, "I don't need to store it permanently", but want to send larger files option.

Status: Delivered
Great news, we have also just expanded our Professional service (including Pro Plus users) to now include the ability to send files up to 10GB! Check our more info here:

You can easily create a public link in Hightail (without an email address to enter) but this link never expires. We never know who is using it and there is no way to close the link. Our file is wide open to the world with no protection.


We use the Public link quite often because it more convenient than having to locate and enter a email address which is very time consuming (time is very important).

What I need is a way to create a Public or even Private link that has an expiry date of a couple of days or weeks. This is where Hightail would generate a link without having to enter an email address and it would automatically close after a period of time.

I am surprised this has not been added as other services do have this option (2Big2Send).

It would be very useful to be able to select an entire folder from the "Folders" section of my Hightail media database as shown on the Hightail Website. Currently, I can only download a single file at a time, which is very cumbersome for large amounts of material. If a folder could be selected and then download en mass that would make workflow a lot easier. 


Share Hightail folders on my website

by RamDesign on ‎07-15-2014 01:20 PM

I aksed in a Live Chat how I could add Hightail to my website so that my clients can access a shared folder. Neil (my Hightail support agent) asked me to post this idea for the community to vote on it for future consideration.


Folders "Manage shared folders" page

by Jdills on ‎01-29-2014 08:36 AM

It would be pretty awesome if Hightail provided a "Manage Shared Folders" page.  This page would list all shared folders, and allow the account owner to review sharing status, and perform all management functions--add and/or delete permissions, etc.


There are two reasons why this is important:

1. Navigation.  A shared folder could easily be 5 levels down in the folder hierarchy.  Rooting through hundreds of folders, and having to click through all file hierarchies in order to find shared folders is extremely inefficient.

2. Security.  Any time that electronic data is being shared with multiple people, it is an essential security function to periodically review and update permissions.  At present, when shared folders are buried deep in a folder hierarchy, there is no effective way to perform this review and update process.


An additional feature that would be very nice would be to provide an icon for a non-shared, upper-level folder that indicates that a lower-level folder in that chain is being shared.  This is of secondary interest.  It would not eliminate the need for a "Manage Shared Folders" page, but it would be a very nice feature.


One more note: Moving all shared folders into a Main folder named "Shared" is not the solution.  All of us use file hierarchies in order to keep material where it belongs.  Having to shift a folder out of proper order in order to share it would pull that material out of its proper location, hindering work flow and effectiveness. 


Hide the save option

by on ‎09-25-2013 11:36 PM

Please, please change the current save option. I had not realized that after your "upgrade" to a new name, you changed how people download until I started getting very annoyed calls and emails. From the recipients standpoint - it is very confusing to be sent files for download and (1) there is no option to download all, only save all, and (2) being used to Microsoft using the term "save as" for downloading, you click on save and suddenly think that you have to purchase the software. Of course, it is not Hightail that gets yelled at by the disgruntled customer, but me - the person who sent the files. How dare I tell them I'll send a free file that they have to pay for.


Once I realized what was happening, I made sure to include the following disclaimer with every file I send: "Hightail has recently modified its download process. Please make sure to select DOWNLOAD to receive your files, not SAVE. You do not need to purchase the software in order to download. I apologize in advance for any confusion." 


So either let those of us who are actually sending the files choose whether or not the save option is available or automatically hide it unless someone is already logged into your service.


Secondary email address please

by sw0228 on ‎02-28-2014 02:08 AM

Please can you allow for secondary email addresses on a user's main account? It's very frustrating to have to open more than one account when I want to access my same contacts list and be able to up and download the same things but from a different address. Eg. someone has just sent me a file to my secondary address and I can't access it unless I ask them to re-send (which is a nuisance to everyone) or making me sign up for another account and starting all over again. I've been a subscriber to YouSendIt for years.  In hope. Thanks.


International time zones

by LoftyfromLondon on ‎01-13-2014 10:08 AM

This may have been suggested before, I'd like to see file upload times to be in my own local time zone, it's recently become a problem using a shared folder and clients downloading the wrong file, so much so I'm going to be looking for an alternative service provider who can do this for me.

when i put attachments into my hightail sync folder 


I notice that hightail says its working on uploading


but i can never tell how far along the syncing proccess ever actually is

In Hightail folders, I wish it were possible to sort by date.

Status: Delivered
You are able to sort by last updated date on the folders page via the web now.

Just like the sender receives an email that has "Here's the link to this file:" with the short link underneath, the recipient should also have a short link in the email that they receive.



Subject line

by on ‎08-09-2014 01:19 AM

Hello There,


In Hightail-on-the-Web, which I use quite often when I travel computer-less, there is no column for the Subject Line on the File Activity Page.


If, say, 50 files are sent to me, I have to click on each file to see what the name of the file is.  I should be able to see this straight away by simply glancing at the page.


Please fix this so we can use Hightail more effectively.  It shouldn't be a hard fix.




Previewing html files

by Mariano0805 on ‎08-04-2014 11:45 PM

Hi there,


Dropbox has this great feature that allows you to send links to preview html files (it was part of the free dropbox until October 2013), it's only available to premium users now.


The idea is to be able to upload html pages with corresponding content, that you then share through a link to the "index.html". This way you can allow people to review a site without needing to download the whole folder structure and run it locally.





Please make it a priority for users to be able to sort by the existing headers in our clouds (name, date, et al.)  It is so frustrating to not be able to sort my folders alphabetically.  Why is this something that is not offered, so that it can be more like a Windows folder with active headers for sorting by any of the offered headers? 

Please provide information about when this will be available, as it is something that many, many users want!  Why is this not something that we can do, when so many other cloud software applications offer this as standard?  Thank you.

I see below someone wanted to NOT see all the email addresses a file was sent to. I DO want everyone to see the full list that the link was emailed to. Without that, I am constantly being asked "did this get emailed to Xxxx?" A choice of blind or cc would be a nice feature. Seeing the full list reassures everyone that the files got sent to the right people.


Schedule uploads

by DestinationX on ‎11-07-2013 12:26 AM
It would be great to be able to schedule future uploads. So an option to either send now or choose date, time and time zone. In my line of work, sometimes it's beneficial to send files at a specific time of day to ensure action on the other end. I think many others would appreciate it too.

Dropbox look and feel

by DVTEL on ‎10-29-2013 11:12 AM

Hi All,


I think we should have options regarding the text on our dropbox.

Wouldn't it be nice to change the font, the size or even the color?


Everyone, join in with me and contact hightail support and ask for these options.

The more time they hear about it, the more willing they'll be to implement, to shut us up  :smileyhappy:


Vote now!!


Jeff. :smileyvery-happy:


Using the Uplink URL from a phone

by WAVY-TV on ‎01-15-2014 08:38 AM

I am interested in receiving files directly from a cell phone.  But this would be a cell phone from someone I may or may not know directly, so using the Hightail app is not an option.  I want to email them my Uplink URL.  They would access that link from their phone.  The link takes them to my uplink page.  However, their phone is not able to upload the file.  The UPLINK is replaced on an iphone with "Get Flash Player 9....This content requires the Adobe Flash Player version".  And an iphone does not support this.  I understand it's something similar for an android phone.

The most important because I am recieving a ton of complaints and resend requests to just keep the download feature simple. One download link and no other options. After the download then offer any other options to my customers. As a paid customer to your service your trying to get more people signed up is actually working against you because confued and frustrated customers won't want to sign up for your service. And it's is not just this one thing that is the problem.


Not making it simple, as YouSendIt was, you will lose a ton of customers like myself, many who are part of the "silent majority" who are also very frustrated that will switch services and cause your service to fail.  


More ideas:

Again, just one download link to download to their own computers. How about after they have downloaded our file then offer them a link to join?


You absolutely need to put back the internet speed functions status feature so as we send files we are aware of the speed of our ISP's. 


It would also be very helpful to know how much data totals are per week/month so if our ISP are incorrect in there usage totals charges to us then I have recourse and documentation.


Super important. How about including the original text/subject in forwarded files as YouSendit did?


And actually how about having an actual resend feature that resends everything file with original address/text and subject line the same and again without having to re-address file. Especially in the mobile App for my iPad.  My customers often cannot find the original download link in their in box.


How about having templates to make easier sending to repeat customers?


How about allowing your Hightail send address box be able to access my computer address book?


BTW Your mobile app is very confusing when trying to send files.


How about a feature that compresses pictures/files in a folder into a zip file that is attached to send in an Hightail e-mail. And so that zip file can be named so I don't have to do that seperately? This would mass speed up my workflow.


How about website testers that are not the same one's that tested the Obamacare website. Just kidding. But I will volunteer to help make your service the best online sending service on the net.


Thanks for your interest.




Download All

Status: Delivered
by cdugdale0213 on ‎02-13-2014 07:46 AM

Please configure a "Download All" option for files. I often receive hundreds of individual files, and have begun discouraging my clients from using Hightail, as it's incredibly time consuming and frustrating. If not resolved, I will delete my Hightail account perminantly and use another fileshare service going forward. 


Thank you, 

Status: Delivered

A download all button has been added to the recipient page. This will zip together all of the files and download them in one batch!

I am finding it more and more of an inconvenience that my clients click on link or picture in the email we send them to access their files and they are hit with a larger than life SAVE ALL button and while reading the instructions are informed that they must SAVE these files or they will no longer have access in so many days.


We have had so many complaints that I now have to cancel our account to go with another provider.  


If we, your customers, are already paying for this service, why are you feeling it necessary to market to our client base?


At least give an option to upgrade to something that is not about you but hte service that your customers are providing through you.



I have been a YouSendIt user for years as this has never been a problem.  I am using your desk top app to receive multiple files from multiple users.  The problem is that I after I sync my desktop app there is no indication that the assets have been downloaded.  It would be handy to have some sort of check box or indication that the assets have been synced up.  Thanks for listening.




Charles MacDonald


I do not want my clients to SAVE the files I send them.  They are meant to be used as short term examples to assist my clients in creating their own books, not to download and keep them indefinitely.  Although I set the files to expire after a sufficient amount of time for my clients to be able to utilize these files for their intended purpose, Hightail allows them the option to SAVE the files - which I do NOT want!  If I have marked them to expire after a certain timeframe, then Hightail should respect this, and I am the paying client of Hightail!  HOWEVER, Hightail allows the recipient to choose to SAVE files - despite there being an expiration date set by the sender, with NO option available to the sender to disallow recipients from saving these files.  Clearly Hightail is allowing this SAVE option because it then forces the recipient to then have to open an account with Hightail...thereby earning a new customer and $ - at my expense.  If an option is not added allowing the sender - Hightail's customer - to choose NOT have their files saved by the recipient, thereby allowing files to expire as the sender desired in the first place, then I will most definitely start researching other file sharing programs to see if I can get what I desire elsewhere. 


And, incidentally, as I posted below...shame on Hightail for reflecting their name as the sender of an e-mail to recipients rather than the actual sender...the paying customer of Hightail.  A recipient would have NO idea who the actual sender is (as HIGHTAIL appears in the "From" column in the recipient’s e-mail box) until they open the e-mail and, as pointed out below, with viruses/hacks/spam, etc., I certainly wouldn't open an e-mail from an unknown sender - and HIGHTAIL to most would, indeed, be considered an unknown sender.  SHOW YOUR CLIENT'S NAME as the sender, NOT your name!  You are merely the file sharing company who transmitted the e-mail - of which you were paid to do - NOT the sender of the e-mail. 



Sort all Sent Files log properly

by bguthrie on ‎12-11-2013 09:00 AM

The File activity log showing all file activities does not sort the files properly.

The Sent on is not correctly sorted by either accending or decending orders.

In fact none of the columns sort properly.  Please fix this bug.


Time Zones

by Diamond_Pub on ‎10-02-2013 08:38 AM


Is it possible to set the time in Hightail to display UK time when files uploaded, read receipts etc, would also be useful if date could be displayed in UK format day/month/year?




Need more Contact import options

by itzawrap on ‎07-15-2014 01:56 PM

As a long long time Mac/Apple user I think it is wise for Hightail to let people import their Apple Mail or Address Book contacts into Hightail OR at least a way to import a .csv file that would conform to your field structure. Even the way it is now I must add addresses one by one which is a very slow process that I would rather avoid as often as possible, making your product less than desireable to use going forward.


Search function

by FionaB on ‎05-16-2014 02:57 AM

I don't understand why there isn't a search function to search for a project in folders and sent files by entering a file name, date, etc. I imagine there must be one planned?  Any chance of knowing when it might appear? So hope it's soon please!



NEED search functionality

by DH93 on ‎09-15-2013 09:19 AM

This service needs a search function with setable parameters so we can search files sent, recipients, and date ranges of sent or received files.


File Tracking

by 3dmoulddesign on ‎11-24-2013 02:53 AM

I think you guys need to close this tracking loophole.......If I send files to someone with a Hightail account & they save rather than download, I cannot tell if & when they have accessed the files. It is important in my business that I can monitor when people have accessed files. Not necessarily a time but the fact that they have accessed them.


Video link viewable before download

Status: Coming Soon
by brianpaulolson on ‎12-29-2013 08:39 PM
Often I am sending a QuickTime file to clients for them to review. All they need to do is view the video, but currently they have to download the file before they can watch it. I'd love it if there was a codec that was able to be viewed within a browser. For instance, if I sent a ProRes file the only option would be to download, but if I sent a mp4 it would be awesome if that file was viewable without having to download, but they still can download if they'd like to.

The way I get around this right now is to post the video to Vimeo. The problem with that is I can't track who viewed/downloaded the video and it doesn't expire so I manually have to remove it. I'd love to be able to do all of my sending of files via Hightail.

Status: Coming Soon
Thanks for posting Brian, this is something we are working on so stay tuned!
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