I was at the Storage Network World (SNW) event earlier this year. The speaker after me was Terri McClure, the senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Her session was titled 'Analyst Perspective: The Impact of Consumerization on File Sharing Strategies'. She validated some of the key trends and recommendations that YouSendIt is observing as well. This post summarizes some takeaways.



YouSendIt CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, will be speaking on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 3:00pm EST at Forrester's Forum For CIO, EA, Infrastructure & Ops, Security & Risk, And Sourcing Professionals in Washington DC. He will be accompanied by Rop Koplowitz, Vice President and Prinicpal Analyst at Forrester research.




10 Signs You Need Identity Management for Single Sign-On into Your Cloud Apps

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strong-authentication-297px.pngThis is a guest post by Elias Terman, VP of Product Marketing at OneLogin, the innovation leader in cloud-based identity and access management and a YouSendIt partner.


Identity and access management (IAM) plays an important role within organizations. Consider this real life example. You hire a new employee and issue him a corporate email address and login credentials. He uses his corporate email address to sign in to various systems you have implemented across your organization like email, CRM and your file sharing system like YouSendIt. All email communications, customer data and files belong to the organization. But what happens when that individual leaves the company? How do you, as an organization, access and control all the data produced by the employee while also ensuring that he can no longer access the data?



YouSendIt is Speaking at Storage Network World

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Abhay Rajaram, YouSendIt's VP of Customer Success, will be speaking Tuesday April 2nd at 10:30am EST at the 2013 Storage Network World Conference. 



Top Five Reasons to Work in the Silicon Valley

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297814_2175385548788_1659888853_n.jpgThe Bay Area is unique, it contains one of the most interesting and ground breaking tech hubs in the entire world: The Silicon Valley. Commonly referred to as "the valley", this area is home to some of America's most amazing technology corporations such as eBay, Adobe, Google, Apple, and Yahoo (just to name a few). There are also a plethora of start-ups anxious to grow and change the world. If that isn't reason enough to come work in the valley, then here are our top five reasons.


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