Meet Brittany in Customer Support!

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GO NINERS!!! :smileytongue:


When did you start at Hightail?   I started April 2012 as a contractor and became permanent right before my birthday in October 2012. :smileyhappy:
Where did you work before Hightail?  I worked in semi-conductor sales for 2 years, I was a nanny for 8 years, throughout college I was a hostess trainer at Forbes Mill Steakhouse & PF Changs.
Where are you from? I grew up in Fremont, Mission Hills (but went to high school at Mitty in San Jose) & later moved to Los Gatos.
Tell me something I couldn't Google about you: One of the things on my bucket list is to travel to every continent (I have 4 left).
What do you love most about Hightail customers? The diversity of people I speak with every day, being able to relate to our customers on a personal level and never scripted. We are laid back, fun and each of us brings our own quirk to the group.
What was the craziest/funniest/out-there phone call you've had here? 
I spoke to a very sweet woman who used our service for her hypnosis business. She would transfer her recordings of sessions with clients through us. She was telling me about a psychic Doctor named Dr. Peebles who a trance medium channels. I looked him up on Facebook and read about him….it was very interesting….
What do you love most about working for Hightail?  The people are amazing, the days go by and don’t feel like “work” when you love what you do. The perks, lunch Mondays & Thursdays, amazing snacks, coffee, massages, car washes and more :smileyhappy:
Tell our users one thing they wouldn't think/know we did for fun here at Hightail?  Karaoke, balancing contests on stability balls, hula hooping during calls, film music videos, have a floating pet shark named Bruce…and the list goes on.
Why did you choose the word "intuitive" as the one word that described you? I solve problems by bounding between different ideas and opportunities. I remember events by what I read “between the lines” about their meanings, I come up with new ways of doing things; I am perceptive and often see underlying meaning in what people say or do. I try to see the bigger picture and think about future implications of actions.

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