Meet Margaux in Customer Support!

by Employee Kelly on ‎09-25-2013 02:48 PM




When did you start at Hightail?   I started September of 2011 but I wasn't made into a "Real" YSI person until end of December 2011.


Where did you work before Hightail?  I can't say, it was VERY top secret!


Where are you from? The Bay Area and proud of it!


Tell me something I couldn't Google about you: I LOVE video games… Call of Duty, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends… I have every major console and some of the BEST gamer gear because I love it just that much!


What do you love most about Hightail customers? I LOVE our customers' sense of humor most.  They may not be too happy at times, but a great majority of them love to laugh and talk while we get everything taken care of. 


What was the craziest/ funniest/ out-there phone call you've taken?  Has to be around my first year being here.  A customer who does voice overs called in and said that I should look into them and then began to demonstrate all the different voices she's had to do throughout her years in that field (including a drunken bunny rabbit).  She, like most of my customers, was a total and complete BLAST to talk to!


What do you love most about working for Hightail?  The people, both colleagues and customers.  We are an amazing, talented, fun loving group of people and each one of us (regardless of what position we're in) is treated as an equal.  Our customers are also exceptionally talented, adventurous, and fun loving as well!


Tell our users one thing they wouldn't think/know we did for fun here at Hightail We have fun days (i.e. PJ day, nerd day, crazy hair day, etc) and huge nerf wars (always need to be prepared and keep a nerf gun close by just in case!)


Why did you choose the word "Shenanigans" as the one word that described you?  Shenanigans is such a Fantabolistic word!  I know it means that you're mischievous or up to some kind of trickery (which holds a ton of negative connotation to it), but I believe there's a fun kind of mischief that isn't negative… the playful, loving, prankish kind where everyone laughs until they're in tears.  That's my kind of shenanigans! 

by hrh0624 on ‎06-24-2014 09:07 AM

I am being billed for a free account.  Please reverse the charges immediately!!!

by vida5454 on ‎06-25-2014 03:14 AM

I have tried all possible e-mail accounts.  Only one works.  Listed as a FREE account but have been billed since January 2014!    what the Heck?!


I demand a remedy. 

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