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With Hightail for Outlook you can send huge attachments, quickly access files and share your folders, all without leaving your mailbox. This app comes bundled with the Hightail Desktop App upon installation. To view FAQs and common installation scenarios, click here. Note: if you are using Hightail with an Enterprise account, not all settings may be available to you. Contact your account administrator for more information.


Read on to learn more about Hightail for Outlook and how it works!



Once installed, look for the Hightail icons in your Outlook toolbar. From My Account > Configuration you can configure your Hightail-Outlook settings and rules for sending large files.




After configuring your settings, when you attach files of a certain size (determined by you) to an Outlook message, they will automatically be sent through Hightail! You can also decide whether or not you want all incoming email attachments to be stored in one of your Hightail folders.





From Attachment Preferences you can manage whether you want Hightail to help you keep track of the latest attachment in any email chain. If you’d rather keep attachments with the emails they are associated with, choose to Leave Original Attachments in that Email.




When you want to send a large file, once the file is selected, it will appear within the Attached space – as if it’s a regular attachment. The Add-In will automatically upload it to the Hightail Servers. After you click Send, the email message will be delivered to the recipient with a link to download the file from Hightail.

You can also attach entire folders to an email (they will be sent as a zipped attachment).




To manually store attachments from email into one of your Hightail folders, simply click on the email and drag and drop it into the preferred Hightail folder (in the left-hand folder list in Outlook). If, in your Attachment Preferences, you have selected Replace Original Attchments with Download Links your email will now have a description which says that the attachment has been saved to Hightail.




From this same Hightail root folder you can select a file to preview it right in Outlook. You can also organize (and rename) your files and folders– all changes will be made everywhere you have Hightail.




Sharing files and folders from within Outlook is easy, too. Choose the folder, click on the Share icon (in the right-hand corner of the preview screen), select the recipient(s) and you’re done. 




You can also share by right-clicking on the Hightail folder in the left-hand folders list and selecting Share Using Hightail.


Share_OWS_folder_for post.jpg


Download PDF    Download the Hightail for Outlook guide now.

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