Supported Browsers for sending over 2GB files

Hightail supports the sending, recieving, and sharing of files of any size via our website depending on account type.


To enable this support, some features of HTML5 are used by our application.  HTML5 is newer technology and is not supported by all browsers, particularly older browsers or those installed on older computers.


The following browsers are tested and known to work*


Browser Version
Chrome v.25 or newer
Firefox v.19 or newer
Safari on Mac v.5.1 and 6 or newer
Internet Explorer (IE) does not work 


*There may be other browsers or other versions not listed that will work.


The Hightail Express and Desktop Apps may also be used.  Visit our applications page for more information.


As of the date of this update, Internet Explorer (the standard browser installed with Windows) does not support the the componets of HTML5 that handle files larger than 2GB.  IE10 may support >2GB files in the future.


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