Update to Folders Page on Web - New in 14.1 Release

Starting January 10, 2013, you may notice a change to the Folders page view from the web app. The biggest change to the page has been in the Actions column - now you'll see icons representing the various major actions you can take on a file or folder. Simply hover over the icon to view a description of the action, or click to initiate the action.




The ellipses represents even more action items - click on it to see the full list of options.


File options: Download, Share, Access Versions, Sign, Get Public Link, Preview, Move, Rename, Delete




Folder options: Manage Permissions, Share, Send a Note, Move, Rename, Delete




When you select a file or folder in the new Folders view (by clicking the checkbox to the left of the folder), you will see your options appear above the Actions column:




We hope you like this new Folders experience as much as we do! Got feedback? Be sure to let us know in the Ideas section.

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