iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

With Hightail you have access to our free iPhone, iPad and Android apps to have full access to your content while on the go.  


Video coming soon with an overview of our iPhone, iPad and Andriod apps.  In the meantime read some additional information on our Mobile Apps:



We are excited to announce the availability of a Hightail app for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android handsets. 

These apps enable our users to:


         Access their Hightail content: Users can store files in folders and access them from the mobile apps. If files are sent through Hightail and subsequently stored in their folders, those files will also be available through the mobile apps.


         Share files and folders: In addition to accessing the files, users can share files and folders on the go through the mobile app. They no longer have to wait to get in front of a desktop or laptop computer to share their content with others.


         Sign documents: Now there is no need to print, sign and fax documents; Hightail users can easily add signatures to documents and share the same with others instantly.


         Add content from mobile: Email attachments can be freed from the inbox by adding them to the Hightail account by importing them through the mobile app, thereby making these attachments available everywhere users go. Further, users can also add photos and videos from their mobile devices directly into their Hightail account.



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