An even better personalized mailbox - Uplink 2.0

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As you may already know, Uplink (formerly Dropbox) allows you to receive large files from anyone, simply by giving them your unique Uplink URL. We know how valuable your Uplink page is from a business perspective - it gives you a personalized page in which you can receive files from colleagues, clients, or prospects. We've enhanced the interface to give it an even more customized look and feel unique to you when someone visits your Uplink page.

What’s the latest and greatest?

Profile name and welcome message:  Add your name or company name to be displayed on the header of your Uplink page, along with a custom message for your visitors.  They will immediately know that they’ve landed on the right page and rest easy knowing their files are being sent directly to you.
Drag’n’drop simplicity:  Your colleagues and clients can drag files from their computer directly onto your Uplink page.


Setting up your Uplink page is easy.  Go into the My Account tab, and click Uplink. Once you have your custom Uplink page set up, you can click on a link that will take you to the page that will show you what your visitors will be viewing.


For more information on Uplink, check out our knowledge base article, About Hightail Uplink


Uplink Use Case: Get inspired by learning how UK-based voiceover artist Mike Cooper receives large files easily with Uplink. http://bit.ly/1iJT9Wa

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