Ask before Sending Outlook Attachments via Hightail

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If you’re sending lots of large email attachments through Outlook, you may often find yourself stuck with a clogged mailbox that needs to be cleared out.  Because Hightail stores your outgoing attachments in the cloud, it actually frees up storage space in Outlook.


Adjust your settings in Hightail for Outlook so that you never have to remember to click a particular button to attach files of a certain size with Hightail.  Rather, we can prompt you each time and you can determine if you’d like to send the file as a normal attachment or through Hightail.


Navigate to My Account > Configuration to adjust your settings and rules for sending large files.




Once the file is selected, it will appear in your email message space, as if it’s a regular attachment. Your work is done at this point; the Add-In will automatically upload it to the Hightail Servers.  After you click Send, the email message will be delivered to the recipient with a link to download the file from Hightail.


With Hightail for Outlook, never delete another email containing an attachment to comply with email storage limits.


Learn more about the benefits of using Hightail for Outlook in this video recording of our recent webinar:


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