Avoid Bounce Backs; Use Hightail for Outlook

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Chances are high that if your company is using Outlook, there are size restrictions enforced for files sent and received through Outlook.  With the average professional sending out roughly 160 emails per day, it’s likely at some point you will come across the dreaded “Your Mailbox is Almost Full” alert. 


You need a way to communicate massive amounts of data securely with external organizations, without interrupting your daily workflow. With the Hightail for Outlook add-in, all attachments larger than the Exchange server limit can be automatically sent via Hightail. The best part about it is that it’s non-invasive to your existing Exchange/Outlook infrastructure, and is easy to maintain.


A healthcare organization may be sending out medical records, research documents, or confidential information to a patient or third party insurance company. Take Phil in the example below, working with both a patient and an outside insurance company. Phil composes an email as he normally would in his Outlook workspace, and attaches a Hightail folder containing confidential medical records and patient release forms. The folder appear within the attached space as any normal attachment would.


 Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.46.55 AM.png

Here the medical organization can work with the insurance company on individual patient cases and ongoing projects, in a rather seamless way. With the tracking functions built into Hightail, the sender can keep track of recipient downloads.


In addition to the sending capabilities, large incoming attachments can also be stored in Hightail, and live right inside your Outlook system. Since none of these files are actually passing through the Exchange server, it helps increase capacity and prevent network slowdowns and crashes.



Hightail folders are brought into Outlook so all your files are easier to access and share. It automatically stores incoming attachments and always opens the latest version of a document.


Forget fax machines and scanning – simply download the Hightail for Outlook add-in so you can go about your busy day!


To learn more about Hightail for Outlook, check out our Knowledge Base Article.



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