Be Empowered: Sign a Petition Using Hightail

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Scenario: Perryville Middle School has reevaluated its education policies and decided due to budget cuts and pressure to raise standardized test scores, they will be cutting out creative arts programs.  As a result, parents and teachers of the Perryville school district have come together to start a petition against the board for removing these arts electives from the core curriculum.   They know that the arts may help unleash creative skills for our future designers, musicians, photographers, etc. 


The coalition has a growing list of members eager to initiate this change, and they decide to use Hightail to get the petition signed and stored all in one common location.  Rather than trying to send an email chain out to everyone, the group lead takes action by creating a new folder in Hightail.  Since the school uses Hightail, the leader, Mary, simply adds a new folder inside the Perryville Middle School shared folder, and titles it “Arts Education Reform”.  Inside the folder, she uploads the petition.




From here, parents, teachers, and community members can open the file, sign the petition, and save it to the folder.  From Hightail, they click anywhere in the document  to add their digital signature, then click the "Done" button.  This allows for real-time documentation as well as access by all members to the latest version of the petition.





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