Changing File Expiration Dates

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If you’ve sent a file through Hightail, you already know one establishing factor that sets our service apart is allowing you to control and adjust the expiration date on sent files.


Let’s take two examples here:


Case A: Expire Later

You share a mockup of your latest design to your client in hopes that he will respond with feedback and edits within two weeks.  You later discover that your client has been out of the office for the week and has not yet reviewed the material.  You can easily extend the expiration date out a few more days or weeks through your Hightail account.


Case B: Expire Now

You’ve sent a confidential document to multiple colleagues but quickly realize you included the wrong "Joe" in your recipient list.  Since the document contains information that should not be shared externally, you can go into Hightail and choose Expire Now for the designated file.  This will automatically delete the file from our server so it can no longer be accessed by any of the recipients. 


How to Change the Expiration Date:


  • From the File Activity page, select View all sent files.



  • Locate the file in which you wish to change the expiration date.  Under the Expiring column, click on the arrow next to the date.


  • Click on the new expiration date and hit Save.



You can change the expiration date as long as the file has not expired.  Once a file has expired, you will need to locate the original version of the file and resend it.


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