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You've sent your document through Hightail and a download link has been delivered to your intended recipient. From this point on, where that download link goes and who it’s shared with is no longer in your control.  The original recipient may share the link with her co-worker, who may then forward it to others in the company- that is, unless you chose to have more control over your content when you initally sent your file.


With the Confirm their identity feature, your sent files can only be downloaded by recipients whose email addresses are specified by you (the sender) at the time of upload.  Your recipient must validate his/her email address in order to access your file.   


Why is this an important feature? 

  • It provides an extra level of security to ensure that only the intended recipients can retrieve the file.
  • You, the sender, are able to control who can download the file and track the download status and details in the File Activity section of your account.

 Verify ID.png

Figure 1.1: How the Confirm their identity send feature looks through the Web App


Please Note: Recipients of files must have a Hightail account registered using the "intended recipient's email address", and must be logged in to that account to retrive the file.  If the recipient isn't logged into his or her Hightail account registered under the “intended recipient's email address,” the download link will direct to a Confirm their identity page where they will need to enter in the correct email address.


* If the recipient does not have a Hightail account attached to the “intended recipient's email address”, he or she should register for a free Lite account- the receiver does not need to sign up for a paid subscription.


Verify ID Web App.png

Figure 1.2: How the receiver will see the page


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