Design Enthusiasts Rejoice: Meet the New Send

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When you land on our homepage, your first instinct may be to click on the funny-looking guy starring in our new TV commercial (and we encourage you to do so).  But don’t let this distract you too much; we’ve got plenty to show you!  In our most recent release, we’ve revamped the entire sending experience to make it even more intuitive and easy to use.


Drag ‘n’ Drop – For those of you who really want to get down to business, your first invitation on Hightail.com will be to drag and drop your files directly from your desktop onto the page.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 3.53.57 PM.png

Faster Way to Log In & Send

You may not notice it immediately, but we begin uploading your file(s) before you’ve even entered any recipient information!  If you happen to be loading some bulky files, continue filling out the registration form or login information while your files load onto the server. 


As displayed in the figure below, if the email address you’re using to log in with is a registered account, you will be prompted to enter in your password, then click Log In & Send.



Not only that, but if you’re sending image files, it will now include a preview of the images you’re sending.  The file uploads will show complete as indicated by a green circle with a check.







One-Step Registration

If it is your first time sending anything via Hightail, you will be prompted through a one-step registration process. This is where you decide whether you’d like to sign up for an account right then and there, or test it out with our free 14-day trial. Either option you choose, you’ll enter in your account and billing information, and that’s it!  Again, your files will simultaneously be loading one by one, and you’ll see green checkmark next to each upon upload completion.































Sleek Design, Simple Wording

The brilliant design makes the page easy on the eye and very intuitive to both first-time users and Hightail experts alike. A few tweaks to the wording of our three security options make it very clear how you can protect the integrity of your files.



  • Restrict access (aka Verify Recipient Identity) – a security measure that requires your recipients to login to a Hightail account to retrieve the files you send them.
  • Notify me (aka Return Receipt) – you will receive an email from Hightail when your recipients download your file.
  • Add password (Password Protect your file) – communicate a password to your recipient for an added layer of security.



We Need your Feedback!

As this is a brand new experience we've rolled out, we would most welcome your feedback. Please comment in this thread for any feedback or suggestions for an even more improved experience. 






Who Wore It Best #beforeHightail:


Who’s got the better mustache: this kid or Butch from our TV ad??






































Bonus Points…


Either your New Year’s resolution really is paying off, or we’re just testing your sense of humor.

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