Download All When You Receive A Delivery

by Community Manager ‎08-22-2014 02:42 PM - edited ‎08-22-2014 02:44 PM (41,144 Views)

Summer is coming to a close, and that means it’s time for vacation pictures! Whether you spent a week in Hawaii, or you were visiting family in London, you likely collected a hefty number of photos. (If you’re anything like me, well over a thousand in one trip!)


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.10.52 AM.pngNow with Hightail you can not only grab all of you favorite photos to send to your friends and family, they’ll be able to use our latest enhancement when they get them. You’ve been asking for it for a while, and we’ve listened – Download All is now available for all of your file deliveries.


When your recipient get’s their delivery and click to download, they’ll now see a Download all button at the top right of the download page. Clicking that will generate a .zip file containing all of the files in the delivery, and the download will start. Once completed your recipient will just need to open the .zip file – no more downloading things one at a time!


So whether you’re sending all of the files surrounding your presentation, or a collection of photos from a tropical paradise, downloading them all is just one click away. 

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