Editing Your Docs On The Go

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We live in the age of globalization. For many of us, our offices are the airports, train stations, and cafés of the world. As businesses branch out to build offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Germany, and Australia we start to see a larger and larger set of individuals that can no longer be bound to their desktops. Being able to quickly access, edit, and share content becomes a major necessity for these folks (and chances are, these folks ARE YOU!). This is where the Hightail Mobile App, along with our new availability through the office document editing app CloudOn, steps in to save the day.


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Take Anita. Anita is a tech reporter that is on her way from a trade show in New York to visit her family in the UK, before heading home to LA. Keeping this in mind she’s traveling as light as she can – and is understandably running on caffeine at this point. But as her phone buzzes she comes to full alert thinking that the day never ends.


Her editor needs a few more charts and details added into the article Anita’s been working on, which is scheduled to go live by end-of-day. Knowing the best person to get her the materials she needs is still in New York, she shoots him a quick message asking that he upload the pertinent docs to her Uplink. While she waits for him to do that, she gets to work on her article.


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Opening the CloudOn app on her iPad, it’s easy for her to pull up the article in her Hightail folders. She begins making adjustments in the Word doc, and notices an email in her inbox telling her that the files from her NY contact have arrived. She saves the NY materials to her Hightail folders using the Hightail Mobile app on her phone, and then opens them up to copy/paste from them into her article.


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She saves the article from CloudOn right into her Hightail folder, and then pulls up the Hightail App on her iPad. Within moments she locates her final article file, and sends a copy to her Editor.


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With our new CloudOn integration, your office has become the cloud.

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