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So, what exactly is a Zip File?  A .zip file is an archive format used for compressing data files and folders.  Zipping allows you to gather multiple files and send them as one smaller data file.


How Do I Zip from my Mac or PC?

You may be already using an application such as WinZip to zip and unzip files. If so, that’s great – you can keep doing that. If you don’t know how to zip files and folders, here are some simple instructions for both Windows and Mac users.  For our Free Lite account users who can only send one file at a time, zipping a folder full of files will allow you to send them as one compressed file.


Windows Users:

  • Open Windows Explorer, and find the folder containing the files you wish to send. (Note: They must be all in the same folder, or located in a subfolder within the main folder.)
  • Select all the files and folders you want to zip. (Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files/folders.)
  • Right-click on any of the selected files or folders, and select Send to >> Compressed (zipped) folder.



Windows will compress the data and create a zipped file containing the files and/or folders you selected. You have the option to modify the name of the zip file – simply press Enter if you wish to keep the automatically generated file name.


Now, you have a single zip file you can send via your Free Lite account (assuming it is under 50MB).




For our Premium subscribers, you will have an option to Compress files into a zip file through Express:

  1. Launch the Express desktop app
  2. Either drag and drop files into the Express box app or choose Add Files/Folder andselect the files or folders you wish to send.
  3. Select the box to Compress files into a zip file under Send Options



What’s the benefit?

  • Zipping files makes downloading easier for the recipient who would otherwise have to perform the tedious task of downloading one file after another, and instead can do so in one click.  
  • Upload and download time: since you are transferring a smaller data file, you will get a much faster upload and download speeds.


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