Feature Friday: Windows 8.1 Metro App

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Following in line with the Hightail productivity suite, sending large files, storing your files to the cloud, and sharing folders can all be done on the go, straight from your Windows 8 device.  This application’s functionality brings unique elements to all of the features that you already expect from Hightail.




By design, our app allows for you to annotate freely with elements of color and gives you a choice of pen size.  Along with being pressure sensitive, it provides you with the ability to add images and is equipped with signature and handwriting recognition.  In addition to those great features that are available to you on the go, the digitizer helps you to sign your documents with ease and a bit of flavor:


  • Annotations: Insert a signature, date, or comment, all of which you have the ability to move, resize, rotate, or delete.
  • Font Changes: Change the color, size, and width of the Quicksign feature to maintain a natural look and feel.


Our “Go To” Feature


Another distinctive feature to call out is the ability to navigate to any given page without having to scroll through several pages.  This saves you the dizzy hassle of spending time scrolling up and down pages, especially handy if you are only looking to review a certain portion of an otherwise lengthy document. 


After you’ve reviewed the desired pages, you can use the Go To feature to quickly move to the last page of the document, where you insert your signature.  Let’s take a look at this...


You received a file via Hightail with specific instructions to review a certain page.



You open the file, glance through the table of contents, and click the Go To icon in the bottom right corner, and enter in the preferred page number.



You’ve read through the final legal jargon and are ready to sign off on the document.  Skip ahead to the end and tap Quicksign. From here you can use your finger or digitizer pen to create a pressure-sensitive signature:


You can also insert the date in an instant tap:



And here is the final product- signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered back.



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