Give and ask of nothing in return… Unless you’re using Hightail

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Sending: A One-Way Street1.png


Sending a file through Hightail is a one-way relationship that allows your recipient to receive and download a large file.  Think of it as your secure replacement for large email attachments.   


To send a file from the web, log into Hightail.com and locate the Send tab at the top of the page.  Similar to email format, you will type in the recipient’s email, a subject, message, and attach your file(s).  Select from our list security options, choose a file expiration date, and click Send It


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Sharing: Give and Thou Shall Receive

More often than not, as a professional, you are working back and forth with other individuals to complete a project to its final stages of production.  Sharing via Hightail allows for multi-person content collaboration.  Simply invite members of your team into your virtual Hightail environment by creating a shared folder.  Imagine this folder being the central workspace where you can consolidate what would normally be an eternally long email chain. 


Sharing a folder is easy from the web.  From Hightail.com, go into the Folders section and choose the folder you wish to use as the centralized work hub.  Under Actions, select the share button Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 1.13.16 PM.png  and then type in the email addresses of the individuals you're collaborating with.  



Include a custom personalized message, and choose the permission you'd like to grant access to.  *Note: You can always change permissions at a later date.


Once you've Shared the folder and the others have accepted your invite, all invitees can begin uploading their files for all of you to see and modify.


Want to learn more?  Check out our Send vs Share video for more insight.

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