Growing Businesses and Hightail

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Many companies are growing at rapid speeds and because of this growth, their email systems quickly get hung up with the amount of data coming through the system. As a result, the IT team needs to act fast so that the marketing, sales, and other teams can stay efficient and productive.


For example...


  • A marketing team may be sharing large documents like brochures in order to promote a new product. These are heavy graphic files that are too large to send over email.  With traditional mail, the currier costs are extremely high because they needed approvals within a couple days.
  • Their sales team works mostly in the field, and they need a fast an easy way to receive large pertinent information on the go.
  • Meanwhile, the legal team needs a secure and HIPAA-compliant solution to send and share content.


Hightail to the Rescue


Companies no longer need to split up files to make them smaller or use complicated FTP sites. You are able to easily send large files securely through Hightail, and even integrate it into your existing Outlook program using the Hightail for Outlook Add-in.


Additionally, because Hightail eliminates the need for email attachments, company servers are able to offload much of the data to the cloud. While the end-users have enjoyed no email bounce backs and shortened overall workflows, projects can be completed much faster.


From attorneys to architects and freelance photographers to TV studios, Hightail is how professionals across industries share their work. Find out how Hightail can help a business like yours.

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