Hightail Express vs. Hightail for Mac/Windows

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Our desktop applications can be an integral part of your workflow, especially when used in conjunction with one another.  Rather than having to log in through a web browser, your files, folders, sent and received files, all sit in these applications on your computer.  Since we often come across users who aren’t familiar with both applications, or are only using one, we will break it down for you here. 




Hightail Express



In a nutshell: The Hightail Express app allows you to send files and folders straight from your desktop without having to log into a browser. With an auto-resume upload feature built into the app, upload speeds are faster and more reliable.



How can I best utilize the Express application?

  • Sending Files: With Express, you can simply drag and drop files from your desktop or Hightail folders into the application and get them sent out in a breeze.
  • Auto-resume uploads: Highly desirable for those who are sending massive files that may take hours to upload.  If a connection glitch caused upload stalls in Express, the upload will pause and continue where it left off once reconnected.
  • Send Options: There are a number of security options you can set as default settings, including verifying recipient identity, password protecting each file, getting a return receipt and modifying your file expiration settings.
  • Receiving Files: While we work to fulfill the “Download All Button" request, did you know you can actually download in bulk through Express?  If someone sends you a large batch of files, we always recommend downloading them using Express.  
  • Copy Download Link: for all inbound and outbound files, you have the quick option to copy the URL, which is helpful if you need to put together an email with a few files


Hightail for Mac/Windows



In a nutshell: The Hightail for Mac or Windows gives you quick and easy access to all of your files and folders that are stored in the Hightail cloud. Organize all of your content by dragging and dropping content with the click of a mouse.  You can also choose which files and folders you want to remove from your hard drive and store in the cloud through selective sync. 





How will Hightail for Mac/Windows make me more productive?

  • Syncing Files: If you do your work both at home and in the office, this app is a great, stress-free way to keep files synced. If you don't have time in the office to finish up a work presentation, save it to your Hightail folders, then open and continue working on it when at home. Any edits to your content will be synced to the web and any connected mobile device.
  • Sharing Files: You can easily share folders with others through Hightail for Mac/Windows. Keep in mind the recipient does not necessarily need to be a Hightail user.  Sharing folders is a much more dynamic process than sending files, in that it allows multiple users to view content in real time and access the same content across multiple computers and devices.
  • File Collaboration: Not only can you share files with other users; you can also give users permission to modify folders, allowing for real-time file collaboration. When giving view and modify permissions for a folder, you allow other users to add, remove, as well as edit any files within a folder. This is a perfect way to work together, even if doing so across the country.
  • Selective Sync: Save disk space on your hard drive by choosing individual folders to sync to your computer, while also having access to all of the content in your online folders.

How to use Express and Hightail for Mac/Windows together:

  • From Hightail for Mac/Windows, locate the file or folder you wish to send
  • Right click on the file(s) or folder, and select Send by Hightail


  • Express automatically launches, and from here you simply type in the email address(es), subject, and message and press Send!



To download the desktop applications, please visit www.hightail.com/applications


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