How to Use the Hightail Desktop App

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What Does the Desktop App Do? In a nutshell, this app allows you to quickly share and manage folders straight from your desktop, and sync your files across multiple computers and mobile devices


Why use the Desktop App? With the Desktop App, you are able to manage your files and folders directly from your desktop. Drag-and-drop features are integrated in the app for easy file organization. You are also able to share folders directly from the app, as well as set access controls for the users you have shared your folders with. 


1.  Go to the Apps section of the Hightail website and download Hightail for Mac or Hightail for PC

2.  Once installed, open the Desktop App directly from your desktop or taskbar:




3. You will then see all of your Hightail folders and files sitting in the Desktop App window. If you do not, click the small black Hightail logo icon on your toolbar and select the Synchronize Now option:



Clicking the Synchronize Now option will synchronize your folders, or you can perform a selective sync 
which will remove the folders from your hard drive, but keep them safely stored in the cloud. 


4. By default, when you first register for your Hightail account you have one folder titled Saved. You can make edits to the folder, delete that folder, or add new folders directly in the Desktop App window: 


5. You can add folders by clicking on the +file folder icon on the Desktop App toolbar (or right-clicking the app window on a PC):


6. You can share a folder by clicking the Hightail logo icon inside the app and selecting the Share with Hightail option (or right-clicking the folder on PC):


6. The share window will now appear; this is where you will specify which recipients you wish to share your folder with.
Please note: You can only share folders you own, not ones that have been shared with you by others
Each recipient will receive a notification email after you have shared the folder requesting them to accept your shared folder invite. The recipient must accept the invitation before they can view. You are also able to specify the permissions you want each user to have:
  • View- Allows selected users to be able to see all contents of the folder only

* Un-checking the Require verification to view my files will allow non-Hightail subscribers to view the folder contents, however, keep caution as they will be able to forward the link to your folder to anyone! If you do not wish for your recipient to be able to do this, make sure this option is marked.


  • View and Modify- Allows selected users to view and maske changed to the folder contents


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