Live Large, Send Large

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In today’s world of digital file management, not only do you need a place to store all your photos and videos and documents securely, but more than likely will you want to share them with others at some point.


While Hightail goes well beyond this now (and hence one of the reasons we rebranded to Hightail), today we will focus on the feature that sits at its core: the send.


Sending ginormous files by email nowadays is almost a guarenteed failure.  Email your large files through Hightail without the fear of these bounce-back stings.  There are several means by which you can send through our service.


Web App (Hightail.com)
  • Upload files and send off as you would a normal email, but with added security benefits
  • Choose from cloud folders to send files that are already on the server



Hightail for Outlook
  • Send files from Outlook as if a regular attachment
  • Avoid leaving your mailbox - Hightail is an Add-In integrated directly into Outlook.
  • Manage attachment settings so files of a certain size can automatically be sent via Hightail.
Hightail Express
  • Files and folders can be sent right from your desktop, no need to open a browser
  • Faster upload time
  • Automatically zip and send files and folders
  • Resumable upload, protects you from network interruptions
  • Includes standard features like password protection, certified delivery, file expiration control
  • Convenient drag and drop and right-click sending options
Hightail Mobile App
  • Send multiple photos and videos on the go, straight from your iPhone library. Also send files from your cloud folder directly to anyone without downloading data to your mobile device.
  • With the newest update, control how your files are delivered: Add password protection, limit the time your files are available and get an email receipt when your files are downloaded.


Hightail for SharePoint & Hightail for Salesforce
  • Send files and track deliveries from within your Salesforce and Sharepoint environments
  • Send and reference files associated to your Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Opportunites, and Accounts - while also ensuring you can easily access your files whenever you need.
Just how large can you send?  Here are the file size limitations for each time you send a file:
  • Free Lite Account - 250MB
  • Professional - 10 GB (see what 10GB looks like here!)
  • Teams - 10GB
  • Enterprise - 500 GB

If you don’t already have the Hightail apps, now is a great time to get started, you can download them for free. Don’t forget to tell us what you think and rate our mobile app on the App Store.  Questions or feedback?  Post below!

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