Saving Files to your Hightail Folders

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I'll bet that at some point you’ve received an email attachment, and told yourself "I’ll look at this later."  Then, when "later" arrives, you have to sift through your email inbox to find the original message, download the files, and open the files. I am certainly guilty of this.

If someone sends you files via Hightail, you can always save them to your online folders. In doing so, you give yourself easy access to them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. And if you’re using the Desktop App, any modifications you make to your files will be saved directly to the cloud.


Save to Folders


If you receive files via Hightail, and you don’t plan on looking at them immediately, you might want to consider saving them to your very own online Hightail folders – a unique, secure, storage space on our servers, dedicated to your data. Your folders allow you to store data where it will never expire. Once you save files to your Hightail Folders, you can access them via the Web App, the Desktop App and any of our Mobile Apps.


If you decide that you wish to work on these files at the office or at home, the Hightail Desktop App allows you to sync your files across multiple computers. This means you can work on documents from your Desktop App at the office, finish working on the same documents from your Desktop App at home, and then review all of your work the next day at the office from your Desktop App!  Also, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can always access your content on the go when you save files to your Folders, using our mobile apps (check out our applications here).


How to Save to Folders


When you receive files via Hightail, you’ll get an email with a download link, and a link that reads Save to folders. Click the link that reads Save to folders.



You will be redirected to a Hightail login page, and prompted to sign into your account in order to save an online copy of the file(s). Or, if you are already logged into your Hightail account, you will be redirected to your online Folders page.





Once logged in, you’ll need to select the folder you wish to save your files into. Or, if you wish, you can create a new folder. Once you’ve selected the folder you’re going to save your files to, click Submit.



Once files are saved to your Hightail Folders, you’re pretty much set. Files in your folders will never expire, and you can access your Hightail Folders from any computer with an internet connection. Furthermore, if you have the Desktop App installed on your computer(s), once you save files to your folder, it will automatically download to the Desktop App. That way, if you’ve saved files to your folders at work and you login at home  to a computer with the Desktop App installed, your files will be right there waiting for you!


How do you use your Hightail Folders? Feel free to let us know in this thread, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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