Security Options for Sending your Files

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If you’re anything like our customers at Awasu Design, you take security very seriously.  Anytime you send a file through Hightail, it is encrypted through a secure socket layer protocol.  Beyond this protective feature, we give you the tools to gain complete control over your files.  Put your mind at ease by adding additional layers of security.




Password protect your file*

  • Create a password and communicate it to your recipient (preferably not over email!) to ensure that your data will not be compromised.

Confirm their identity (formally known as Verify Recipient Identity)

  • Select this option to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to download your file.  They will be required to log into a Hightail account that is registered using the email the file was sent to.   More information about this feature here!

 Get a return receipt*

  • Track who views your files by clicking the Get a Return Receipt option, you will receive an email notification any time your file is downloaded.  
  • Know exactly who downloaded your file by selecting this option in conjunction with Verify Recipient Identity.


*Available for paid subscribers only.   


Be sure to check out our training videos for a real-time, step-by-step workflow.


Still feeling hypersensitive about file security?   For peace of mind, visit our security overview page for details about our seven-layer security strategy.


What other product features would you like to see that could help protect the integrity of your files?  Post below!

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