Send and Save your Files through Hightail for iPad

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Saving your Folders to the iPad App


From your email inbox, you can save files to your Hightail Folders through your iPad. Say you've just received the updated W-9 form via email from your human resources department.  You don't need to do anything to the file at the moment, but want to keep it in a safe place for later access, and know you'll need to distribute it to your team at a later date.


From your email inbox, tap the arrow located on the upper right-hand corner, and choose Open in Hightail:






































From here, select the Hightail folder to save the file to:








































Now that the document has been saved to the online folder, you can share the file at a later date if needed.  You also have the ability to forward, annotate, send my files, or just keep them stored securely in the cloud.



Sending your Saved Files


If files have previously been saved to your Hightail Folders, then sending is a quick grab-and-go process.  Simply grab the file from your Hightail folder, tap the envelope icon in the top menu bar and hit Send. 


photo 1.png































 photo 2.png

































Do things your own way with the Hightail iPad app.  You can be exploring the latest YouTube videos, playing Words with Friends, and quickly send off a file by navigating to the Hightail app without completely interrupting your personal routine.


Find out more and download the app here.

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