Sending Files from Desktop Context Menu

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You're probably used to the routine of logging into the web app or Hightail Express, then selecting the files you wish to send. There’s nothing wrong with this process. However, there is a quick shortcut on your context menu that will allow you to send files directly from your desktop.  It won’t save you a huge amount of time, but it’s a nice shortcut that eliminates a few steps you need to take when sending a file.


First, make sure you have Hightail Express installed on your computer. You can download Express for free here: hightail.com/applications


Once Express is installed, locate the file you wish to send. It can be directly on your desktop, or you can open up Windows Explorer to locate the file. For this example, I’m going to send a PowerPoint file that’s directly on my desktop, named Hightail Story.


Pressing the right-click button with your mouse, select the file you wish to upload. A context menu will appear, which will include a Send by Hightail option.  Select Send by Hightail.




Hightail Express will open, and depending on your settings, either automatically log you into your account, or prompt you to log in.




Once logged in, the name of the file you selected will appear in the list showing files to be sent via Hightail. Now you can enter the email address of contacts you wish to send this file to, a subject line that your recipients will see in the delivery email, and an optional message to accompany your file. You also have security options you can set in the right-hand panel.





Once you’re ready to send your file, click the Send It button. You will see a progress bar showing the progress of the upload, until the file is completely sent!


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