Sending files that Never Expire!

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We hear this a lot: “I uploaded a file, set the number of downloads to Unlimited, but it still expired! What gives?”

With a subscription to any Hightail premium account, you have the option to modify the expiration settings of your uploads (check out this tech tip from a few weeks ago).  There seems to be confusion between setting files to be downloaded an Unlimited amount of times, and setting files to Never Expire.  Let’s discuss both settings and how they work with each other, so that you’re able to select the options that best suit your needs for future uploads.


Setting the Download Limit to ‘Unlimited’ vs. Having Files Never Expire

Think about it this way - there are two factors that determine the expiration settings of your uploads – the amount of time you want your uploads to be available, and the number of downloads you wish your files to be limited to.  You can have an upload set to expire in 1 day, but within that day, you can have it set to unlimited downloads [an infinite number of downloads within a finite timeframe]. On the other hand, you can have an upload set to never expire, but if you set this upload to expire after 1 download, it will no longer be accessible after a single download [an infinite timeframe with a finite number of downloads].  


Whichever comes first – the maximum number of downloads, or the date of expiration -  dictates if and when your files expire.


Uploading Files That Never Expire, with an Unlimited Download Limit
If you wish for your upload to have no download limit and to have the files never expire, let's review how to set the expiration settings both in the Web App and in Express.


In the Web App, you will have 2 expiration options to choose from. Select File(s) expire after Unlimited downloads (as shown below), and then upload your file(s).



  • You can also change these options by clicking the File Activity tab at the top of the page, and then click the link that reads View all sent files.
  • In the Expiring column, click the date corresponding to your upload. Select Never Expires, and hit Save:



Hightail Express


If you are using Express to upload files, it’s very easy to set an unlimited amount of downloads, and to change the default of your uploads to never expire.


  • In the Send Options portion of the application, check the box next to file expiration options.
  • Set the "Expire files in" box to Never Expires.
  • Make sure that the Unlimited option is checked for Expire files after this number of downloads: 

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 2.57.33 PM.png

(NOTE: If you upgrade or downgrade your account, the settings of your sent files, including your expiration settings, may be modified. It is recommended to check these settings after upgrading/downgrading your account to make sure they are set properly.)


Now you know how to set your files to be downloaded an unlimited amount of time, for an infinite duration of time! Think about how convenient it will be for you to never have to read emails from clients about a file you sent them being expired!


Also, remember that files saved to your online storage (your Folders) never expire! You can read more about this by clicking here.

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