Sharing a Project Folder with Colleagues

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On Tuesday we touched on Shared Folder permissions.  When you’re responsible for seeing a project through from concept to completion, it is imperative for you to have control over all the moving parts.


I briefly mentioned the art of literature in our previous tech tip, so let’s say you are an author working with an editor, illustrator, and publisher.  Let's dive in and identify the people who you’ll be working with on this project:


  • You: As the author, you have the artistic mind to freely create whatever storyline you wish.  You are the backbone to this project and maintain control over the story.
  • George (illustrator): George not only provides all images for the children's book, but is also responsible for making sure the final version of the book complies with your formatting standards and is easy on the eyes. George works with you on getting the necessary graphics to match the storyline and guidelines.
  • Joanne (editor): Joanne manages the Customer Service department, and needs to learn about this new product before its release. Since there is no official documentation available for this product yet, the documents in this folder will provide a plethora of information about how this yet-to-be-released product will work.
  • Jane (publisher): Jane is the publisher who trusts that you’re doing your job, but has the final say before sending the book off to the distributors.  She also simply likes to be kept in the loop, regardless of whether or not she may contribute.

You’ve decided that the Hightail Desktop App will be the primary tool used for collaboration on this project. The first step you’re going to take is to create a folder called Sugar Fairy Christmas Tale in your Hightail Desktop App.


Next, you’re going to share this folder with your colleagues.  George and Joanne both need to be able to upload content to the folder, as well as modify the content within the folder; therefore, I’m going to select View and modify folder content when sharing the folder with them.  Because Jane isn’t directly collaborating on the project, you can select View folder content when sharing the folder with her.  In most instances, you want to select View folder content when sharing folders with users who you aren’t directly collaborating with.


Once all of the users have accepted their invitations, you can all get to work.


  • You can now upload all of your brainstorming ideas and mockups into the folder, and Joanne can proofread for typos, and make corrections/suggestions directly within the shared documents.
  • George can now upload any images you may need.  Once you've finishing your work, George can then compile all the images and text into a PDF stored in the folder, where at that point, you can chime in with your feedback as to how the story looks.
  • Joanne can mark up the content as it’s being created, add in comments to both you and George's creations.
  • Jane can pop-in and look at how the progress of the project is going, and make any suggestions or give feedback at any point of the process via email.

What’s great about this whole process is that it allows for a much smoother collaboration process than email. You no longer have to keep track of countless email attachments and messages, and the contents of your folder will be modified in real time. As we like to say around here, the Hightail Desktop app is your desktop’s most powerful folder!

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