Start Fresh in 2014 by Cleaning up your Hightail Folders!

by Community Manager on ‎01-07-2014 04:08 PM (2,033 Views)

Last week our support team divulged some of their New Years resolutions, from eating healthier to learning to surf.  Another popular resolution is tackling organization—be it your cluttered email inbox, your closet, or dare I say, your Hightail folders! 


Organize by Date, Archive Old Projects


Get off to a fresh start this year by reorganizing your Hightail folder structure. Sift through completed project folders and determine the best way for you to keep track of new and old projects without cluttering your Hightail storage space.


From the Folders page, determine what you’d like to keep as your main “Parent” folders.   I’ve found from personal experience that clumping by date can be worthwhile so you can create an archive of projects year after year.  Select any loose files (classified as files that are just sitting in storage without a home!) and clump them into a new or existing folder:








To further simplify your folder home base, select the folders you’d like to merge into another folder (ie: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 --> 2013).  This will eliminate the hassle of scrolling down a list of folders that may not even be revelent to your current workflow.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.56.29 PM.png


Leave the other folks to tackle the mess in the garage while you opt for the digital cleanout.   A clean environment will help you stay on top of what’s important.


What are your New Years resolutions?

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