Sync App: To sync, or not to sync

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Hightail for Mac or Windows makes file collaboration simple and convenient and allows you to keep important documents in sync across various computers and devices. 


With previous versions of the Desktop App, we automatically synced all of your data, which meant that as long as the application was running, all of your online Hightail folders would automatically sync to your computer’s local hard drive. While this may be not have been an issue to someone storing a few megabytes of data online, if you are storing gigabytes or terabytes of data online, you may not want to have all of that data synced to every computer you use. Moreover, you may not have the disk space to do so.  In my own experience, I’ve been into photography for several years and store all of my photos in my online Hightail folders, which amount to several gigabytes of data.  Knowing that I don’t need all of these folders available at all times, it would be extremely convenient to choose which folders I want stored on my computer at any given time. 


How to Use Selective Sync

The Selective Sync feature allows you to choose which folders you wish to sync to your computer(s).  To make use of this feature, you first have to download Hightail for Mac or Windows, which you can do by clicking below (this goes for new users, as well as users who already have a previous version of the Desktop App installed):




Once downloaded, run the install program and follow the installation instructions.


Selective Sync on Windows

If you’re downloading the application for the first time, once the application is installed and opened, a window will pop up, giving the option to select which of your online Hightail folders you want to sync to your computer


If you had a previous version of the Desktop App and have installed the newest version, click the Hightail icon in the System Tray, and click the Select Folders to Sync option.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.43.01 AM.png


A window will pop up listing all of your online Hightail folders. Next to every folder synced to your computer will be a checked box, as shown below. 


To stop a folder from syncing to your computer, simply uncheck the box next to the folder.  Now, the folder will not be stored on your computer (and will be deleted from your computer if it was previously synced), but its contents will remain available online.



Selective Sync for Mac


Click the Hightail icon in the menu bar and scroll down to Select Folders to Sync.



Make sure you check the bubble next to Select folders to sync and uncheck the folders you don’t need stored on your computer.  Once you have the desired folders selected, click Sync Selected Folders.


The Selective Sync feature allows you to save disk space on your hard drive, while also giving you the flexibility to access all of the content in your online folders at your convenience!


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