Using your Hightail Express Inbox

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Keeping track of files you receive can be difficult. Sometimes you forget where you've saved files that were sent to you.  You go back to your email inbox and sift through old messages, trying to find them. Sometimes it is easy to backtrack and access files, but often times it can be rather tedious.


Using your Hightail Express Inbox


With Hightail Express, you can send files and folders directly from your desktop, without ever having to open a browser window. It also allows you to download any files sent to you via Hightail that have not yet expired.


Inbox Panel

Once logged in, click the Inbox tab on the left-hand column.  In the main panel of your Express Inbox, you will see a list of Hightail messages you’ve received, separated into 3 columns:


  • Received: This column shows the date a message was sent to you.
  • Sender: The email address of the Sender, along with the subject line, are displayed in the Sender column.
  • Expires:  The Expires column shows the date which file(s) contained in a message are set to expire.

You can click on Received, Sender, or Expires to organize your message list in ascending/descending order, according to the column clicked.




Details Panel


At the very top of the Details panel, you have the option to Download, Forward or Delete the contents of a message (note: Forwarding the message is only available to paid subscribers).



Below these options, the details panel displays the following information:

  • Email Address of Sender
  • Subject Line
  • Text within the Message
  • Expiration Date
  • Total Size of Files Uploaded
  • Security Options the Sender Selected
  • Download URL
  • Name(s) & Size(s) of All Files Sent



Once you've located and selected the message containing the files you wish to download, you can click the Download button, or copy and paste the Download URL into a browser to download your files there.


One of the great advantages of downloading files through Hightail Express is that if someone sends you multiple files, you don't have to download each file individually – you can download all of them at once with a single click!  You no longer need to sift through your email inbox looking for Hightail deliveries.


If you don’t have Hightail Express, you can download it for free here.


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