Growing Businesses and Hightail

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Many companies are growing at rapid speeds and because of this growth, their email systems quickly get hung up with the amount of data coming through the system. As a result, the IT team needs to act fast so that the marketing, sales, and other teams can stay efficient and productive.


For example...


  • A marketing team may be sharing large documents like brochures in order to promote a new product. These are heavy graphic files that are too large to send over email.  With traditional mail, the currier costs are extremely high because they needed approvals within a couple days.
  • Their sales team works mostly in the field, and they need a fast an easy way to receive large pertinent information on the go.
  • Meanwhile, the legal team needs a secure and HIPAA-compliant solution to send and share content.


Hightail to the Rescue


Companies no longer need to split up files to make them smaller or use complicated FTP sites. You are able to easily send large files securely through Hightail, and even integrate it into your existing Outlook program using the Hightail for Outlook Add-in.


Additionally, because Hightail eliminates the need for email attachments, company servers are able to offload much of the data to the cloud. While the end-users have enjoyed no email bounce backs and shortened overall workflows, projects can be completed much faster.


From attorneys to architects and freelance photographers to TV studios, Hightail is how professionals across industries share their work. Find out how Hightail can help a business like yours.


Avoid Bounce Backs; Use Hightail for Outlook

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Chances are high that if your company is using Outlook, there are size restrictions enforced for files sent and received through Outlook.  With the average professional sending out roughly 160 emails per day, it’s likely at some point you will come across the dreaded “Your Mailbox is Almost Full” alert. 


You need a way to communicate massive amounts of data securely with external organizations, without interrupting your daily workflow. With the Hightail for Outlook add-in, all attachments larger than the Exchange server limit can be automatically sent via Hightail. The best part about it is that it’s non-invasive to your existing Exchange/Outlook infrastructure, and is easy to maintain.


A healthcare organization may be sending out medical records, research documents, or confidential information to a patient or third party insurance company. Take Phil in the example below, working with both a patient and an outside insurance company. Phil composes an email as he normally would in his Outlook workspace, and attaches a Hightail folder containing confidential medical records and patient release forms. The folder appear within the attached space as any normal attachment would.


 Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.46.55 AM.png

Here the medical organization can work with the insurance company on individual patient cases and ongoing projects, in a rather seamless way. With the tracking functions built into Hightail, the sender can keep track of recipient downloads.


In addition to the sending capabilities, large incoming attachments can also be stored in Hightail, and live right inside your Outlook system. Since none of these files are actually passing through the Exchange server, it helps increase capacity and prevent network slowdowns and crashes.



Hightail folders are brought into Outlook so all your files are easier to access and share. It automatically stores incoming attachments and always opens the latest version of a document.


Forget fax machines and scanning – simply download the Hightail for Outlook add-in so you can go about your busy day!


To learn more about Hightail for Outlook, check out our Knowledge Base Article.




Share Your Data Socially!

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Taylor is a musician in the Chicago area and is going to soon be making her big debut.  She is releasing her first EP and is still seeking feedback from industry professionals. With Hightail, she can post a public link to her song on her Facebook page and Twitter to attract fans and feedback.



Taylor sends the mp3 file to her producer, which then generates a link. 



From here, Taylor can now paste the link to her song on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or any other social media platforms.




It’s important to note that unless you place restrictions on the file using our security options, your link will be available to everyone for download.  However, with our Security Return Receipt, you can track how many times your file has been downloaded and by whom.  For more information, visit our Plans and Sign Up page.


Now that you're a master at sharing through social media, learn how to track who has downloaded your files.  Want to make sure only certain people are able to access your files?  Check out this tech tip on Verifying Recipient Identity.



Send Files up to 10GB!

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Since last week was Valentine’s Day and we love our customers so much, we made it a priority to increase the file size limit for sending.  Professional users will now be able to send files up that are up to 10GB in size!   You can find the list of supported browsers here.


That being said, there are a few exceptions to every rule.  We want to be transparent with our users, so if you are unable to send a 10GB file, please check out the limitations below:

  • Outlook - coming soon
  • Folder sync - coming soon
  • Browsers limited by flash (again, refer to our supported browser list)


We welcome and encourage feedback from you!  Please post below with any questions or comments.




A New Point of View for PDFs

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If you’re accustomed to the semi-tedious task of scrolling down a PDF from your default Safari browser, I’d like to introduce you to a new point of view!  In our latest iOS release (v3.5), you can now open large PDF files from your iPhone or iPad and switch between thumbnails and full-page views to jump around the document. 


Say you're comparing costs for an upcoming cruise (is it too early to start thinking about spring break?) You're surfing the net on your iPad and come across your dream vacation--a trip through the Greek Isles. You begin comparing travel brochures, but tap this new "Open in Hightal" button appearing in the upper righthand corner:




This launches the Hightail app. You upload the PDF into your Travel folder for later reference, and then tap the icon in the top right corner, and notice there are several pages of the PDF. With the new PDF landscape, you can eyeball the pages of the brochure, and tap on an individual page to access the content on that page.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.32.29 PM.png



The app also supports hyperlinks and modern layouts, so you're not being redirected through Safari. If you click on an embedded media link, it will open right inside the PDF.


Now launch the app, log in and enjoy :smileyhappy:


Read more about our v3.5 release in our blog post.

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