iPhone App: How to track your files while on the go

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Do you ever find yourself wondering if your file was actually delivered, or if the person you sent it to really downloaded it- even worrying that someone gained access to your file without intending them to? Worry no more! With the Hightail iPhone app, you have the ability to view and track sent/received files or folders.

* Please note: Tracking features are available to premium members only


How to track delivery status:


  1. Tap the file cabinet icon from the app home screen:



2.  Select which file you’d like to track by tapping the related arrow:

  * Please note: you can toggle between sent or received files




3. If a recipient has not downloaded the file, you have the ability to forwardthe file again by selecting the Forward button on the right-hand screen:





Tracking Features:


  • Track who has downloaded your files
  • See the number of times the file was downloaded
  • View which recipients haven’t yet downloaded your files
  • Timestamp of when the files were downloaded
  • Check the file expiration date
  • See the number of times the file was downloaded
  • Ability to resend of forward the files
  • View the files and the message
  • Store your received files into the cloud

*      All the available to you at the tap of a button!


Why is this important? Not only does it assure you the peace of mind that the file was actually delivered, and you know who has had access to your content, you also have the ability to follow-up with recipients who have not yet downloaded your files.


Bottom Line- What this means for you:

  • Easy access to your sent and received files
  • Ensure file was safely delivered
  • Ability to work on the go


* You can also track your files through the WebApp. Click here to learn more!


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