iPhone App: Previewing files

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The Hightail mobile application is an easy and convenient way for you to access all your stored data content on the go.  Let's say you have a bunch of files stored in your Hightail folder and need to quickly reference a file during a conversation with your client.


  1. Log into the Hightail iPhone app and tap the My Folders icon:































2. Locate the file you wish to preview and tap the file:

































3. Preview your file!





























Other Key Features:


  • Send: You can send files through Hightail straight from the preview page



  • Sign and Annotate: If needed, you can sign and annotate the file (certain file extensions only)



  • Open In: Open the file with another app on your phone 

Open In.png


  • Email: Send the file from the email address associated with your iPhone



  • Copy Link: Grab the link for that file so you can copy and paste wherever you please

Copy Link.png



What this means for you:


  • Quick on-the-go access to quickly view each of your files
  • No more having to sort through all of your files to see which one is which. With our preview feature, you are able to view the file before you perform an action. 


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