How To Store Your Online Data Using YouSendIt

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folders in the cloud.pngOne of YouSendIt’s new features is cloud folders, which you can access from the web, your desktop, or your mobile device. The great thing about folders in the cloud is you can now store for free up to 2GB of files. Like I said before your data is synced across all your devices, so you can access all your files at anytime, anywhere you are. If you are a paid users with our ProPlus account you get unlimited storage, perfect for anyone that needs to access over 2GB on the go.


I know this sounds great, but you are thinking how secure can this really be?


With YouSendIt’s free online file storage, you’ll know your data is secure:


  • YouSendIt employs the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol
  • YouSendIt obtained a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 security report
  • Password Protection/User Authentication
  • Ability to create private/shared folders
  • Read Only or Read/Write access with a shared folder

How to Use YouSendIt’s Online Storage


There are a couple ways to create a folder depending on what device or application you are in. The most common way to create a folder is through the web. After you login, go to the Folders Tab found at the top of your screen. Ne

xt, the ‘create a folder’ button is in the top right in the Folder Tab. Next upload any files you wish from your computer into the cloud. You finally have the option of sharing this folder or keeping it as a private folder. It is that easy!


The next way to create a folder is through your mobile device, iPhone or iPad. For those of you that are Android users you can sign up for the beta version here (go to the bottom of the page). See image below for how to create a folder on your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is press the ‘plus’ symbol in the bottom left corner. Then all you need to do is give your folder a name.


The Final way to create a folder is in the desktop application. Currently we have the beta version of our Microsoft app (Mac users you can sign up for the beta here). First you open windows explorer and go to your YouSendIt folder in your favorites. Then create a new folder by right clicking, selecting new, and then new folder. Just like you have always created folders in your Windows Explorer.




Don’t forget that any changes made to the documents or any added/deleted folders are synchronized across all connected devices (desktop, mobile, and web).  You can then access the most current versions of your folders at any time.


Now Try it for yourself! Happy Storing!

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